CITYLIFE – Residenze Libeskind Rb2


Milano (IT)


Total area about 40’000 Sq. m  intended for residential use (100 apartments), with 2-level underground parking and swimming pool..

2020 – Under construction | CIVILE – RESIDENTIAL

Daniel Libeskind

The project involves the construction of the second compartment of the “Libeskind Residences”, called Rb2,  within the park of the ex-Fiera in Milan. The intervention area is bounded to the south by Via Spinola, to the west by the residential lot Rb1, to the north and east by the new public park. The Rb2 project is conceived as a large park in direct connection with the public park. The buildings, 2 buildings with 7 floors above ground and 1 building with 11 floors above ground, are placed on a green base, one meter above street level where the private gardens of the apartments on the ground floor and the garden condominium are located.

Static testing of structures and technical testing of civil works.
Periodic inspections of the construction site, examination of the construction project drawn up by the executing company with particular reference to the verification of the consistency of the solutions adopted with respect to the forecasts of the executive project submitted to tender.

The project involves the construction of reinforced concrete structures with full slab floors, slabs, pillars and partitions entirely cast on site. The first attention of SCL was to establish, from the beginning, a control plan in concert with the Operations Management.

To be mentioned in the structural design:
– the presence of a roof in reinforced concrete cast in place post-stretched;
– the presence of variations in section and / or number of load-bearing elements in elevation along the vertical development, with the consequent need to create lowered beams with loads of over 300t;
– the presence of double-height steel penthouses.

The architectural project, by arch. D. Libeskind, is set on arched buildings arranged around a central circular courtyard; the volumes are strongly characterized by articulated facades both in shapes and materials.

All the apartments have been equipped with large balconies and terraces which, on the attic floors, are open to the sky. Given the elaborate geometry of the project, the balconies have a variable depth, which follows both formal composition criteria dictated by the overall project and internal distribution needs of the bigger apartments where living rooms and kitchens opens to outdoor areas that can be equipped.

Particular attention was also given to the connection areas on the ground floor and to the innovative utility systems, created specifically for this project.

The entire project was developed and managed on site using BIM tools.


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4 January 2021