Pirelli 35


Pirelli 35, Via Pirelli 35, Milan (IT)


The project involves the redevelopment of the existing office building – nine floors above ground and two underground – designed, between 1961 and 1966, by Melchiorre Bega and Tommaso Franzi and historically the headquarters of the S.T.I.P.E.L. (Società Telefonica interregionale piemontese e lombarda) company.
The Project aims to enhance the Real Estate Complex, in the Porta Nuova Centro-Direzionale district, by totally redesigning the facades, the layout, the connection to the ground, the entrances, the lobbies and the other common areas. The intervention also involves the flows, both pedestrian and vehicular, and the planivolumetric geometry which will be completely remodeled through demolition and new construction interventions. In particular, the ground floor will be enhanced with the creation of a continuous square thanks to the replacement of a portion of the building with a 2-level “bridge” building, in metal carpentry, with a span of 32 m.
The existing structures will be adapted to the NTC 2018, considering a level of performance class III “Buildings whose use involves significant crowding” through a systematic set of interventions to strengthen the main structural elements such as:

  • reinforcement of existing pillars
  • reinforcement of the walls of the existing stair cores and formation of new cores
  • reinforcement of foundations
  • creation of floor diaphragms

As part of the seismic upgrading, the modification of the arrangement of the structural joints and the insertion of “shock transmitters” devices will also be envisaged.
The following will also be implemented:

  • a new six-level building
  • a two-level elevation with “false” structures on the underlying building

2022 – in progress | CIVIL – TERTIARY

Snøhetta e Park Associati 

€ 70.850.000

Land area: approximately 6,000 sqm;
Overall area: 45,000 sqm.

The assignment provides static testing activities through:

  • the analysis of the design in its overall setting and in the clarity and illustrative completeness of the main processing steps
  • the analysis of all the documentation relating to the production and installation of reinforcements and new structural elements
  • the carrying out of specific tests to further confirm the good execution of the intervention from the initial conception up to the final realization

Among the distinctiveness of the assignment:

  • the presence of very different and articulated structural interventions both in terms of construction technique (steel, reinforced concrete, steel-concrete composite structures) and in terms of type (strengthening interventions, new buildings)
  • the evaluation of the correct coordination between the different solutions and the types of intervention envisaged by the project
  • the presence of further maintenance/conservation interventions aimed at guaranteeing the performances assumed during the evaluations and structural modeling
  • the need to identify the most critical elements, in a scale of safety/value/functionality, of the work and to plan an adequate and exhaustive experimental campaign


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23 January 2023